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Become a 7KCC-Certified Leader

Our leadership training has three main focus areas that improve performance, engagement, and retention.

Empowering Leadership

An immersive and transformative program is designed to equip leaders with the tools, strategies, and mindset to foster autonomy, responsibility, and team confidence.

Managers and leaders will learn how to create a workplace environment where team members feel valued, motivated, and empowered to take initiative and drive results.

Suitable for leaders at all levels, this training aims to cultivate an organizational culture that thrives on trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Meaningful Communication

A comprehensive program that enhances interpersonal interactions and connections at work.

Participants delve into the core principles of effective communication, learning techniques to convey, listen, and interpret messages with clarity, empathy, and respect. The training emphasizes the importance of authenticity, active listening, and feedback in fostering understanding and trust among colleagues.

By mastering these skills, attendees are better equipped to navigate conflicts, foster team cohesion, and create a more collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Purpose-Driven Teams

A dynamic program designed to align team vision with overarching organizational goals and individual passions. The curriculum delves into the importance of purpose in driving motivation, cohesion, and performance within teams.

Participants explore techniques to identify shared objectives, clarify vision, and instil a sense of purpose and belonging among team members.

The training also offers strategies to nurture a culture where team members find personal meaning in their roles, leading to increased commitment, resilience, and productivity.

Just Some of What the Training Helps With:

  • Reducing Stress and Overwhelm
  • Increasing Individual Team Member's Accountability and Ownership
  • Improving Communication & Engagement
  • Removing the Need for Micro-management
  • Onboarding Strategies
  • Creating Cohesive Teams
  • Eliminating Toxicity in the Workplace
  • Making People Feel Valued & Appreciated
  • Developing Ongoing Dialogue & Effective Feedback

Training Kicks Off With a 3-Day Virtual Workshop

The three days do not have to be done consecutively (details in the video below)

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Exclusively trained leaders who create cohesiveness within their teams & organization through Empowering Leadership, Meaningful Communication, & Purpose-Driven Teams

7KEYS™ to being a 7KCC™ Certified Leader

Self-awareness: Understands personal strengths, challenges, emotions, and how they impact others.

Emotional Intelligence: Recognizes, understands, and manages their own emotions while also being considerate of the emotions of others.

Self-regulation: Exhibits control over personal emotions and impulses, particularly in challenging situations.

Cultural Awareness: Recognizes the value of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and traditions within a team or organization.

Situational Awareness: Understands the dynamics at play in various situations and can adjust their leadership style accordingly.

Assertiveness: Has the ability to state their opinions, needs, and boundaries clearly without being aggressive.

Pattern Recognition: Can quickly identify trends or patterns from seemingly unrelated events or data.

Active Listening: Gives attention to what others are saying, taking the time to understand the points being made and asking questions when necessary.

Empathy: Puts themselves in others' shoes, showing genuine concern and understanding for their feelings and perspectives.

Engagement: Shows genuine interest in others by maintaining eye contact, offering undivided attention, and engaging in active listening.

Collaborative Spirit: Recognizes the importance of teamwork and fosters an environment where collaboration is encouraged.

Transparent Communication: Shares information openly and honestly, ensuring that team members are informed and aligned.

Conflict Resolution: Can effectively address and resolve conflicts constructively, ensuring all parties feel heard.

Clarity: Can express information and expectations clearly and concisely.

Ethical Decision-making: Consistently makes choices that align with company values and ethical standards.

Adaptability: Can adjust strategies and approaches based on new insights or changing circumstances.

Mindfulness: Remains present and engaged in the current moment, ensuring that decisions are made with full consideration.

Informed Judgement: Bases decisions on carefully analysing available data, insights, and experiences and can act swiftly and confidently.

Risk Management: Understands and weighs the potential risks versus rewards.

Problem-solving: Possesses an innate ability to navigate challenges and obstacles effectively.

Objectivity: Maintains a neutral perspective and avoids letting personal biases skew decisions.

Collaborative Decision-making: Values the input and feedback of team members and involves them in the decision-making process.

Strategic Vision: Aligns decisions with the overarching goals and strategies of the organization.

Confidence: Displays assurance in their abilities and decisions, but not to the point of arrogance.

Authenticity: Is genuine and true to themselves, without putting on a facade.

Poise: Remains composed and graceful, especially in high-pressure or challenging situations.

Consistency: Demonstrates a consistent demeanor, ensuring reliability in behavior and decisions.

Resonance: Speaks in a way that resonates emotionally and intellectually

Visibility: Is seen and available, rather than being a distant figure, which fosters trust and respect.

Charisma: Has a natural ability to attract and engage others through their personality and energy.

Inspirational: Motivates and uplifts others through words, actions, and vision.

Relatability: Can connect with a diverse range of individuals regardless of their background or position.

Body Language: Utilizes posture, gestures, and facial expressions to complement and reinforce their message.

Integrity: Acts in a manner that is ethical and consistent with their words.

Passion: Demonstrates a strong passion for their work, mission, and vision, which is contagious to others.

Open-mindedness: Welcomes diverse perspectives and is willing to change their views when presented with new information.

Ongoing Learning: Values personal and professional growth and is always seeking opportunities to learn and evolve.

Feedback Reception: Welcomes constructive feedback and uses it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Relevance: Stays updated and informed, ensuring their insights and guidance are timely and pertinent.

Continuous Growth: Seeks opportunities to sharpen their skills and knowledge through training, mentorship, or experiences.

Intuition: Trusts their gut feeling when making decisions, especially when there's no clear-cut answer or data.

Perceptive: Demonstrates an acute ability to notice subtle cues and details that others might overlook.

Risk-Taking: Is willing to act on their instincts, even if it means taking a calculated risk.

Curiosity: Possesses a strong desire to understand the underlying reasons behind events or behaviors.

Confidence: Trusts their intuitive capabilities even when faced with skepticism or doubt from others.

Inquisitive Questioning: Asks probing questions based on intuitive feelings, helping to uncover hidden truths.

In addition to the 3-day virtual training, your enrollment includes:

Badge & Certificate

Upon completing the 3-day virtual training, you will receive a digital badge and certificate acknowledging your designation as a 7KCC-Certified Leader (Level 1). Level 2 Certification (additional training hours required) is also included in your enrollment at no extra cost.

Training Manual

Upon enrollment in the leadership training, you will receive a digital welcome package and a training manual/workbook will be shipped directly to your home before day one of the virtual training.


Your leadership training includes one-year access to the 7KCC learning platform which is full of countless resources: PDFs, videos, audio recordings, infographics, meeting outlines, skill-building activities, team-building activities, and more.


Before you attend the virtual training, you are welcome to take our 7KQL leadership assessment; it includes a PDF report to help you identify your strengths, as well as suggested focus areas, believed to be beneficial to you throughout the training.

Workshop in a Box

Following the 3-day virtual training, you will be given credit for a FREE workshop in a box. There are many topics to choose from, and the digital workshop includes everything you need to conduct a two-hour session with your team members.

Coaching & Mentoring

Training includes one-year of monthly group business coaching, mentoring and training sessions. These are not mandatory, but they are extremely helpful in elevating your leadership skills. To achieve level 2 certification, you must attend at least 5 sessions during the year (at no additional cost to you)

Kind Words About Karen

Twinkle Patel

Corporate Dietician Consultant

Seasons Care Inc. - Ontario, Canada

"Karen and I worked on many management solutions for my work in the healthcare industry. Karen's coaching has helped me support more than 25 managers in healthcare to overcome trauma from the pandemic, build motivation, and drive our organization's vision with proven positive results. We worked on conflict management, communication, team-building efforts and coaching principles for managers. The support remains ongoing, and I continue to use the education systems and training materials provided during coaching to further educate and orient staff from onboarding to reviews to ensure their job satisfaction remains high. The turnover among managers has significantly reduced, with managers feeling heard, valued, and recognized. I highly recommend organizational coaching with Karen for proven results for any organisation."

Phil Del Vecchio

Vice President of People and Organizational Development

Oakwood Homes - Denver, Colorado

"Karen is authentic, intuitive, and compassionate to her absolute core. These qualities (in and of themselves would be impressive), yet she combines these humble traits with an amazing work ethic, fanatical attention to detail, a deeply strategic mindset, and an optimistic, never-fail attitude. These traits combined make Karen one of North America's most impactful personal and business coaches. If you are looking for someone who can help unlock your intuition, professional success, and overall well-being, hands down, it is Karen Amlin."

Daena Rundle

Change Management Professional

Transformation Strategist

Ontario, Canada

"Working with Karen is such a positive experience. It's not a magic pill - you get out of coaching what you put into it. Karen has a keen ability to explore her client's possibilities and pull the very best out of them in a safe and trusting environment. Karen's approach to coaching is kind and empathetic, challenging her clients to see the best within themselves and hold them accountable to their goals. Karen is truly a trusted advisor and one of the best coaches I've worked with."

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